University Forests

Practical field to scientifically learn about diverse and sustainable interrelationships between forest and humans.

The University Forests has acquired the Sustainable Green Ecosystem Council (SGEC) forest management certification. We strive to contribute to society by training professionals through experiential education based on sustainable conservation management, developing new forest management theories and advanced practical technologies, and transmitting the latest information.

The University Forests is one of the educational research resources comprised of two forests, Funyu (538 ha) and Nikko (208 ha). Each experimental forest has unique environmental conditions such as climate, terrain, geological features, vegetation, and forest history. The characteristics enhance the forest to serve as resources for basic and applied research, and a place for students to deepen their understanding of the comprehensive system of forest science through experiments and practical training. It also benefits producing research on forest conservation and restoration, environmental education, and flora and fauna.

Overlooking Mt. Taro from the University forest in Nikko
Overlooking Mt. Taro
from the University forest
in Nikko
Agricultural core training (Afforestation)
Agricultural core training

Training conducted in the experimental forest include

  • Agricultural core training
  • Dendrology practicum
  • Forest surveying practicum
  • Forest metrology practicum
  • Silviculture practicum
  • Forest environment practicum
  • Forest conservation practicum
  • Forest civil engineering practicum
  • Erosion control engineering practicum
  • Forest resources utilization practicum
  • Forest engineering practicum
  • Forest planning practicum