Dept. or Engiron. Engineering Fac. of Agric. Utsunomiya Univ.

  Lab. of Soil and Bio-Environmental Physics

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This laboratory concerns with transport and retention of materials in soils.

■Graduation Theses

Graduated in Name Title
2011.3 Tatsuya NAGAI Unsaturated hydraulic conductivity in pristine and drained peat layers
2011.3 Ryutaro SOMA Gas diffusion coefficient of pristine- and drained-areas in peatlands
2011.3 Chigusa TSUJI Soil gas diffusivity measurement with CO2-air- and N2-air-binary diffusion
2012.3 Kazuma MASAKI Soil gas diffusivity measurement for water soluble gases
2013.3 Ryosuke IKEDA Transition of Soil CO2 profiles affected by the distance from a tree
2013.3 Yuma WADA Development of a CO2 measurement system with a portable infrared CO2 probe
2013.3 Hitomi AKUTSU Comparison of soil water movement in top soils of grassland at various distances from a tree
2013.3 Takumi HIRAI Evaluation of trunk-radial profile of sap flow and transpiration with thermal dissipation method
2013.3 Naoki KOIKE Direct measurements of soil water distribution around a tree in a grassland
2013.3 Chihiro TSUNEKAWA Observation of groundwater recharge in the presence of tree water uptake
2014.3 Hiroki AJITO Depth profiles of soil moisture condition in rooting depth around a tree row
2015.3 Takayuki HOSHINO Seasonal behaviors of in-situ matric potential and water storage in a grassland soil
2015.3 Daiki IIMURA Development of a CO2 gas analyzing system and its application to soil gas monitoring in a field
2015.3 Natsumi GOKA Comparison of soil moisture hysteresis between a volcanic ash soil and a loamy soil
2015.3 Koki TEZUKA Predicting the hydraulic conductivity of unsaturated soils from soil moisture characteristic curves
2015.3 Yukio USUI Probing moisture hysteretic behaviors in soil gas diffusivity
2016.3 Maiko CHO Effects of soil moisture hysteresis on soil gas diffusivity
2016.3 Temma KURATA Effects of soil pore structure on unsaturated hydraulic conductivity
2016.3 Kota TSUKAGOSHI Changes in soil CO2 production through grassland renovation
2017.3 Hikaru SHOJI Seasonal behaviors of the depth profile of in-situ soil CO2 production rates
2018.3 Karen ARAKAWA Transition of in-situ soil moisture characteristics
2018.3 Hayato SUTO Seasonal changes in dissolved CO2 flux in in-situ soil layers
2019.3 Miharu ANZAI Measurement of soil pH under CO2 equilibrium between gas and liquid phases
2019.3 Kosuke OGASAWARA Seasonal transition in soil water retentivity in a field
2019.3 Yusuke SAKANISHI Changes in vertical profile of water potential near the land surface
2020.3  Jota KANEKO Seasonal change in water conductance across a soil-atmosphere boundary
2020.3  Seiya TAKAKI Estimation of infiltration rate of a field soil based on moisture condition
and hydraulic conductivity of the soil
2020.3  Nao TOTSUKA Effects of in-situ soil moisture hysteresis on plant available water
2021.3 Keisuke KANISAWA  Estimation of thermal damping depth by monitoring diurnal fluctuation of soil temperature 
2021.3  Chisato KAMOI Estimation of soil thermal diffusivity through observation of soil temperature
 2021.3 Chihiro KUROKAWA Soil respiration rate analysis based on the depth profile of gaseous CO2 concentration 

* currently defending.

■Master Theses

Graduated in Name Title
2013.3 Chigusa TSUJI Soil gaseous behaviors affected by soil hardening in a top soil layer
2013.3 Tatsuya NAGAI Soil moisture profiles with various groundwater table levels in peatlands
2015.3 Takumi HIRAI Evaluation of plant availability of water and nutrition in soil
2017.3 Takayuki HOSHINO Field monitoring of hysteretic behaviors in soil moisture characteristics
2018.3 Temma KURATA Evaluation for the hydraulic conductivity based on field-monitored Soil moisture condition
2020.3 Hayato SUTO Influence of soil gaseous CO2 profile on soil pH conditions in a field soil layer
2021.3  Miharu ANZAI Soil pH affected by liquid-gaseous equilibrating process of CO2 in soil

* currently defending


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