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Personal record 1944 Born in Shanghai Grown in suburban Tokyo 1967 B.Sc.,Univ.Tokyo; 1978 Dr.Agr.,Univ.Tokyo 1967 - Ntl.Agr.Exp.Stations 1973-74 Honorary research fellow in Univ. Minn., USA 1986 - Fukuoka Pref.Exp.Stn 1990 - Assoc.Prof.,Kyushu Univ. 2001 - Prof.,Utsunomiya Univ. in Crop Sci. 2010.4 - Retiring Items of interest Plant breeding in general High yield and quality of field crops Agr. Res. Information System Advice of thesis Practical ones Lectured "Crop sci.", "Rice, wheat & barley", "Advanced crop sci.", "Statistics"
Major publications Keywords Agronomic Performance and Malting Quality of Doubled Haploid Barley Lines Developed by the Bulbosum Method. Jpn. J. Breeding 42:631-639(1992) (Furusho and Yoshida) Text(17KB. In Japanese with English summary) Studies on Palatability of Rice in Northern Kyushu IV. Stability of palatability in rice varieties and cropping locations. Jpn. J. Crop Sci. 61:545-550(1992) (Matsue, Harada and Yoshida)@ Text(19KB. In Japanese with English summary) Coefficient of Parentage in Rice Breeding Lines and Its Relationship to Eating Quality. Jpn J. Breeding 46:295-301(1996) (Oosato and Yoshida) Text(27KB. In Japanese with English summary) Mass Selection and Root Yield of True Seed Populations in Sweet Potato. Jpn J. Crop Sci. 67:178-182(1998) (Yoshida) Text(18KB. In Japanese with English summary) Screening of Al-tolerant sorghum by hematoxylin staining and growth response. Plant Prod. Sci. 3:246-253(2000) (Anas, Yoshida) Text(33KB) Genetic gain and heritability of seedling characters selected at a low temperature in pearl millet. Plant Prod. Sci. 1:47-51(1998) (Totok,Shon,Yoshida) Text(26KB) Effects of Selection by Yield Components on Grain Yield in Pearl Millet (Pennisetum typhoideum Rich.) Plant ProdDSci.1:52|55,1998 (Totok,Shon,Yoshida) Text(21KB) Varietal differences in seedling traits under the low dissolved oxygen level in water-seeded rice. Plant Prod Sci. 3(4):375-376(2000) (Won,Yoshida) Text(10KB) Genotype x Environmental Interactions of Selected Lines in Water Direct-seeded rice. oor2:252-257,1999 (Won,Yoshida,Uchimura) Text(22KB) Combining Ability in the Rice Lines Selected for Direct-seeding in Flooded Paddy Field oor3:366-371,2000 (Won,Yoshida) Text(22KB) Development of Network System of Agricultural Research Information in Fukuoka Prefecture. Agicultural Information Research. 1:143-150(1992) (Yoshida) Text(15KB. In Japanese with English summary) Pedigree Analysis of Rice, Barley and Wheat. Yoshida Proceeding of ACSA, Taiwan, 1998. Text(18KB) Difference with Rice Cultivars in the Rate of Root Regeneration from Embryo Callus and Its Relationship with the Genetic Background Plant Prod.Sci.1:296-297,1998. (Yoshida,Oosato) Text(10KB) Lecture notes (In Japanese) "Intro. Resour. Biol." (47KB) "Crop Sci."Here "Advanced Crop Sci."(43KB) "Statistics"(118KB) Pictures of small grains Here Glossary of Crop Sci. (170KB) ( In Japanese ) Published papers(62KB) Supervised Ph.D. theses (25KB) ( In Japanese ) New cultivars released through experiment stations 7 sweetpotato, 4 non-malting barley, 3 malting barley, 1 rice cultivars. Personality Prefer not to interfere, not to be interfered. Love hard working students. Selected pictures Sorghum lines developed for short culm, high yield and early maturing. Pearl millet pupulations selected for high yield and early maturing. Rice lines selected for direct seeding Chromosomes of haploid sorghum obtained by anther culture. Photo by Dr.Can and Regenerated plant by anther culture of Bupleurum falcatum. Photo by Dr.Shon Anther culture and Hibrid vigor of pearl millet. By Dr.Shigemune. Transplanting in sweet potato breeding. Trip to    Vietnum and Indonesia(2000.2) *Cantho Univ. *Bali *Borobudur *Jenderal Soedirman Univ. *Dinner at Baihaki *Padjadjaran Univ. Korea(2000.11) *Breakfast in Kyongbuk Want to see me ? Hobby Pet; Shuu and Gou E-mail yoshidat(at) For details, try Japanese version.