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Pedigree Analysis Web brief manual

"Pedigree Analysis Web" service

Using this free service, you can draw pedigree tree, calculate coefficient of parentage, coefficient of inbreeding, number of ancestors in pedigree, and maximum generation traced. Prepare crossing records of your interest as shown in the following.

Sample data file
outcross crop (potato, strawberry, ... , animal also); (
self-fertilization crop (rice, barley, wheat, ...) ; (2KB)

1. Upload your data. For your practice, use data files listed above and draw pedigree tree.
2. Select self-fertilization or outcrossing. Even if mistaken, values are obtained, which you must not use.
   Before going further, see illustration.
3. "kin" calculates, for 2 cultivars shown in "parents", coefficient of parentage (self-fertilization crops) or coefficient of inbreeding of offspring crossed between them (outcross crops).
4. "inb" calculates coefficient of inbreeding for a cultivar of outcross crop shown in "cultivar name"
5. For a cultivar shown in "cultivar name" of self-fertilization or outcross crops,
  "pedigree"; pedigree tree (full),   "pedigree2"; pedigree tree (duplicates are not shown)
  "ancestors"; total number of ancestors in pedigree,  "ancestors2"; number of ancestors in pedigree (unique one)
  "generations"; maximum generation traced in pedigree    is drawn/calculated.
6. "kin3" calculates values among "namae1" and "namae2" listed in your data file. Don't input too many data.

For further calculation of inbreeding coefficient, put the following data after you computed the new cultivar as;
when the new cultivar, sinhinshu, had the value of 0.1.

For more details in English, see here. Try also Japanese page.

@ Prepared by YOSHIDA,Tomohiko. 2008.1.30.