My country INDONESIA

- Japanese

Location and Area

My country is an archipelego country and it is spread from 6o 08' north latitude to 11o 15' south latitude and from 94o 45' to 141o 05'east latitude. Being in such a position, my country is often regarded as the bridge between the Asian and Australian continent besides serving as a gate from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

Islands Territory Land territory Sea territory Coastal span
17,508 5,193,250 sq km 2,027,987 sq km 3,166,163 sq km 61,477.75 km


Indonesia has tropical, low winds, high degree of humidity and periodically heavy rainfall. The dry season is running from April to September which is influenced by the Australian continantal air masses. The rainy season is running from October to March influenced by Asian continental and Pacific ocean air massed.
The temperature is quite high (everage 27o C) in the costal plains, and is ralatively low temperature (average 22o C) in the higher plateaus.
My country is a mountain country. The area is seismically active as tens out of the 400 mountains found here are active volcanoes.


Indonesia is rich in natural resources many of which have not yet been exploited. Of primary importance are, such as natural oil and gas, tin, manganese, coal and nickel. Estate products also panetrate the world market such as rubber, palm oil, tabaco and coffee.

Fauna and Flora

The thousand kinds of fauna and flora species are found in the Indonesia's tropical forests originating from both the Asian mainland and the Australian continent. Among the species of protected animals are elephants, the rhinoceros, the urang utan, the komodo pre-historic lizard the babi rusa, wild boar and variety of monkey and bird species.
The town of Bogor in West Java is noted for its Botanical Garden, founded in 1871, and displaying around 5,000 species of flora which grow throughout Indonesia.

Time Zone

Indonesia has three time zones, effective as of 1st January 1988.

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