About me

Me &My Family

Born on November 26, 1967, I was raised in the town of
Pamekasan, Madura - the small and beautiful island of
East Java Province - Indonesia.

I have two sisters and one brother. My younger sister and my younger
brother live with my parent's Zubair and Maryam in Pamekasan today.
My elder sister got married
. In 2000, I decided to get married with my love


I had my primary education in Barurambat Kota I, Elementary
School, Pamekasan. After that I entered the SMPN I, Junior High
School and SMAN I, Senior High School in 1981and 1984, respectively.
I love painting and music very much, especially during my senior high school.

I atteded the Plant Breeding Program Study, Univesity of Padjadjaran -
Bandung and was graduated with an Engineer degree in December, 1991.
I worked with maize breeding and got my degree with the defend of my thesis
"The General Combining Ability of Thirty S
4 Inbred Lines of Maize and
Phenotypic Performance of Top Cross Hybrids.

Finished MS course in Kyushu Univ. in 2001, &
Finished ph-D course in Tokyo Univ. of Agric, & Tech. in 2004.
Title of ph-D thesis is"Studies on Genetic Diversity, Al Tolerance
Selection Method and Effectiveness of Al Tolerance Breeding
Program in Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench).

Now, I am a faculty of Padjadjaran Univ.