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1:Kabuyama, Y., Langer, S.J., Polvinen, K., Homma, Y., Resing, K.A., and Ahn, N.G., Functional proteomics identifies protein-tyrosine phosphatase 1B
as a target of RhoA signaling. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, 5: 1359-1367, 2006

2:Ma, Z., Izumi, H., Kanai, M., Kabuyama, Y., Ahn ,N.G., and Fukasawa, K., Mortalin controls centrosome duplication
via modulating centrosomal localization of p53. Oncogene, 25: 5377-5390, 2006.

3:Mizushige, T., Kawai, T., Matsumura, S., Yoneda, T., Kawada, T., Tsuzuki, S., Inoue, K., and Fushiki, T., POMC and orexin mRNA expressions
induced by anticipation of a corn-oil emulsion feeding are maintained at the high levels until oil ingestion, Biomedical Research, 27: 227-232, 2006.

4:Mizushige, T., Matsumura, S., Yoneda, T., Tsuzuki, S., Inoue, K., and Fushiki, T., Daily increase of fat ingestion mediated
via μ-opioid receptor signaling pathway, Biomedical Research, 27: 259-263, 2006.

5:Kishida, T., Mizushige, T., Nagamoto, M., Ohtsu, Y., Izumi, T., Obata, A., and Ebihara K., Lowering effect of an isoflavone-rich fermented soybean extract
on the serum cholesterol concentrations in female rats, with or without ovariectomy, but not in male rats,
Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry, 70: 1547-1556, 2006.