Laboratory of Animal Production and Reproduction (Experimental Farm)

In 1997, "Dolly", a sheep cloned from an adult cell, was born in Britain. These days, biotechnology is usually applied for animal production or medical care, and it is necessary for leading our social lives. In this laboratory, we provide the knowledge and technologies in the animal production field, such as artificial insemination, embryo transfer, delivery care and milking. These experiences will deepen the understandings and increase the love to the living cattle, and will raise the interests in the dairying, stockbreeding, medical science and developmental engineering. Further, we study the mechanisms of the fertilization and the embryonic developments, and try to establish the techniques for the nuclear transfer (creation of clone cattle) and the microinsemination in cattle. We hope that our works will be applied for animal production, fertilization treatment and regenerative medicine.
In addition, we study the applied nutritional physiology during delivery and milking in dairy cow, and managements in cattle.
We can provide these researches and educations because our Laboratory is located in the Experimental Farm of Utsunomiya University. We have 60 dairy cow (Holstein) and beef cattle (Japanese Black Cattle) at this farm, so lovely cattle can help our works.


Associate Professor: Yoshikazu Nagao

Graduate school:

Doctor's course
2nd grade: Mizuki ichise (belong in Lab.
Function and Morphology)
1st grade: Yoku Katou (belong in Lab.
Function and Morphology)

Master's course 2nd grade
Tomoyuki Abe
Michiko Sugano

Master's course 1st grade
Aiko Sasaki
Kumi Satou
Yuki Ota

Undergraduate school: 4th grade
Kazuhiro Sanbe
Yuichi Takasaki
Ryoko Hirasawa
Eri Yoshikawa

Our recent interests:

Reproduction and Deveropmental engineering :
1) Use for the slaughtered cows' ovaries that conserved for a long time for the developmental engineering fields.
2) Capacitation of a cow sperm.
3) In virto culture of early embryos in cattle.
4) Initialization of nuclear transfer embryos in cattle.
5) Microinsemination in cattle.
6) Specialization guidance of the monkey embryonic stem cell within the fetus sheep.

Physiology and feeding management :
1) Calcium metabolism in dairy cows during delivery and milking.
2) Improvements in the environments of cow barn by the tunnel ventilation system.
3) Reduction in the heat stress during summer in dairy cow.

For the students intend to enter our Laboratory :

1) You have to love animals, especially cattle.
2) You must not mind to be soiled with excrements or amniotic fluid of cattle.
3) You need car or motorbike for traffic between Mine Campus and the Experimental Farm. It takes about 20 minutes by car, 25 minutes by motorbike, and 30 minutes by bicycle.

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