Laboratory of Breeding and Reproduction

This laboratory gives firstly basic knowledge about animal genetics and reproduction. Then you can also get theories and application of animal reproduction and genetic improvements. Concretely, we are investigating various animal biotechnologies, gene analyses and localization of genes on chromosomes.

The present researches
1) Development of embryos derived from in vitro fertilization (IVF) in mice, swine, cattle and humans.
2) Normality of early embryos produced by various biotechnological treatments.
3) Localization of genes on chromosomes.
4) Genetic variation of Japanese Shika Deer using genetical markers as mutations in the mitochondrial DNA D-Loop region.

Professor Midori YOSHIZAWA
I have interest in fertilization induced by microinsemination into an oocyte and chromosomal aberrations in mammalian embryos including humans at the early stages, furthermore, I would like to reveal relationship between normality and embryonic development of embryos made by various advanced reproductive techniques (e.g. in vitro fertilization, gene introduction and nuclear transfer). I perform localization of genes on chromosomes by in situ hybridization using technologies to get chromosome samples at any stage from a zygote to a living organism.

Associate Professor Emiko FUKUI
@I analyze the blood type (the type of the enzyme in red blood cells and the serum proteins) of livestock using electrophoretic migration to verify how each phenotype inherits from parents to infants. And, I explore characteristic of the blood type between the breeds. And, we analyze the genetic structure and polymorphism of livestock and Japanese Shika Deer by using RFLP or AFLP.

Associate Professor Hiromichi MATSUMOTO
@I have been this university from this April.


Doctor's course
Tomohiro Kawada
Carlos Manuel Ulloa Ulloa (from Honduras)
Kazuyoshi Takahashi
Abdol Hossein Rezaeian (from Iran)
Huon Fai (from China)

Master's course
Tadashi Igarashi
Haruga Kawaguchi
Yumiko Tajiri
Chaomulige Hasi (from China) 

Nozomi Akita
Kenji Ezoe
Masami Kubota
Miki Natori
Naoko Suzuki
Chiaki Sano
Ikue Takahashi

Invited Researcher
Wenguang Zhang (from China)

Ajalli Rahim (from Iran)

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