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Master's Program: Graduate school of Agricultural Science (Master's Course), Utsunomiya University

The educational purpose of the Master's course is to train students to acquire through knowledge and technique to solve many special and daily problems in agricultural fields. Education and program of master's research are undertaken by several professors related to student's research subject. Each research field and contents have to be consulted the guidance if undergraduate education and research field.

Doctoral Program: United Graduate School of Agricultural Science,
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (Three-years Doctoral Course)

The educational purpose of the three years Doctoral Courese following Master's course is to train students to acquire through knowledge in their fields of study. But the course also aims at helping them to gain a deep and broad knowledge of agricultural science, which consists in large part of bioscience, in general because it is very important for researchers in applied science to broaden their point of view. The goal is to train the students not only to be successors for university academic staffs but also to be creative and pragmatic researcher at institutes and private enterprises and contribute to the development of biotechnology and environmental science.
Utsunomiya University fulfills a central duty of the scientific study of environmental protection, and can cope with the research needs Tochigi Prefecture, because Utsunomiya University is located in the North Kanto districts surrounded by the environment of agriculture and forestry.

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