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Faculty of Agriculture

University Farm


The University Farm is part of the Faculty of Agriculture.

In the Faculty of Agriculture, all the students receive practical, on-the-job training. The farm comprises four complementary areas.

Food Crop Science

Horticultural Crop Science

Flower of sandersonia Plant regeneration

of blueberry callus tissues

The basis of horticultural crop production lies in understanding the physiology , ecology, and morphology of plants that have been intentionally improved and in fully realizing their genetic potential, while controlling and improving the environment. This Laboratory aims at integrating theories concerning plant production from an agronomic point of view and developing new techniques. Current research includes these projects; 1.Tissue culture of ornamental plants. 2.Physiology and ecology of flower bulbs. 3.Flowering physiology and propagation of flowering trees and shrubs.

Animal Production and Reproduction (Experimental Farm)

see Division of Animal Science

Farm Work Environment Engineering

3D-shape recognition of overlapped strawberry fruit only using multiple images. [Mechanical harvesting system]

The research and development on automation, labor saving methods and safe supporting technology of the work is carried out with the aim of comfortable biological product work and food production work. Research on the automation of the production operations focuses on the strawberry which is the region's specialty crop.

Examples of the research theme are; 1.Development of a mechanical harvesting system for strawberry fruit. 2.Development of a 3D-shape recognition system for strawberry fruit (see photo). 3.Development of a nondestructive measurement system for strawberry fruit firmness. 4.Development of a growth prediction model for strawberry fruit.