since 1922


Faculty of Agriculture

Department of Bioproductive Science

Division of Plant Science


Our mission and goal

Our mission is to foster through teaching and research the sustainable coexistence of plant and human life.

The Division of Plant Science plays an important role in educating both undergraduate and postgraduate students in basic plant science and applied crop production of food crops and other useful plant resources or their products. Biology and chemistry form the basis of plant production study and research. The division has six research groups specializing in soil science, geology, plant nutrition, crop science, horticulture, and comparative agriculture. Our education program aims to integrate theories of plant production at a regional as well as global scale, with an emphasis on soil and plant resources in different agricultural environments.

Laboratory of Plant Science
  ○Horticulture  ○Crop Science  ○Soil Science  ○Plant Nutrition  
  ○Comparative Agriculture ○Geology