since 1922


Faculty of Agriculture

Department of Bioproductive Science

Division of Plant Science

Plant Nutrition

The leader of the Plant Nutrition Laboratory is Dr Hitoshi SEKIMOTO, who teaches mineral nutrition of plants and plant nutrition for productive systems to undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Current research Interests are: (1) Nutrient transport and loading in staple food crops; (2) Micronutrients in the food chain; (3) Identifying genetic variation in staple food crops for iodine accumulation and underlying mechanisms of iodine uptake in higher plants, and commercialization of crops biofortified with iodine for human health; (4) Physiology of zinc and cadmium hyperaccumulation using cultured cells of the hyperaccumulator ,Thlaspi caerulescens; (5) Clinical trials for utilization of functional fertilizers, i.e. controlled-release fertilizer and organic fertilizer; (6) Visualization of the sharing nutrients between host plants and parasites.