since 1922


Faculty of Agriculture

Department of Bioproductive Science

Division of Plant Science


Top: Geology practice with students at the outcrop in Utsunomiya City. Bottom: Radiolarian microfossils; Quaternary Radiolaria(SEM) collected from the tropical deep sea sediment(left). Miocene Radiolaria under light-microscope(middle). Radiolaria (SEM) from the Upper Triassic (ca.220 million years ago) strata in New Zealand(right).

Our research covers every aspect of the geological phenomena from Quaternary deposits to accretionary complexes. Active areas of research include stratigraphy and sedimentology of biosiliceous sedimentary rocks, and micropaleontology (the study of microfossils).
Major research interests include Mesozoic and Cenozoic radiolarian studies; biostratigraphy, speciation and microevolution, paleobiogeography and paleoceanography, and paleoenvironmental change by using phytolith(plant opal).