since 1922


Faculty of Agriculture

Department of Bioproductive Science



Compulsory subjects:

Master Thesis
Tutorials on Bioproductive Science
Plant Science
Advanced Crop Science
Advanced Pomology
Advanced Vegetable Science
Advanced Ornamental Plant Science
Advanced Soil and Plant Microbiology

Topics in Comparative Agriculture

Advanced Agricultural Meteorology
Current Topics of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer
Advanced Soil Science I
Advanced Soil Science II
Advanced Geology I
Advanced Geology II
Advanced Horticultural Crop Science
Topics in Wild Plant Resources
Animal Science
Advanced Functional Anatomy 1 (Advanced Anatomy)
Advanced Functional Anatomy 2 (Advanced Physiology)
Science of Livestock Production
Advanced Animal Breeding and Reproductive Science 1
Advanced Animal Breeding and Reproductive Science 2
Advanced Animal Nutrition
Advanced Nutritional Biochemistry
Advanced Life Science
Applied Biology
Advanced Plant Breeding
Special Plant Genetic Resources
Advanced Insect Technology
Advanced Insect Control
Development of Insect Fuctions
Advanced Plant Life Cycle
Advanced Plant Pathology
Advanced Molocular Plant Pathology
Current Topics of Applied Biology
Applied Biochemistry