since 1922


Faculty of Agriculture

Department of Bioproductive Science



Compulsory subjects:

Graduation Thesis
Science on Agriculture and Environment
Science on Biological Resources
Agricultural Core Practices

Primary subjects:

General Biology
Cell Biology
Basic Molecular Biology
Analytical Chemistry
Basic Organic Chemistry
Basic Biological Chemistry
Experiments of Methods in Biological Science
Plant Science
Plant Physiology
Plant Ecology
Statistical Method for Biology
Crop Science of Rice, Wheat & Barley
Comparative Agriculture and Crop Science
Horticultural Science
Environmental Control in Horticulture
International Cooperation in Agriculture
Introduction to Soil Science
Environment and Soil Science

Mineral Nutrition of Plants

Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer for Productive Systems
General Geology
Crop Science of Forage Crops
Crop Science of Industrial Crops
Horticultural Crop Science
Postharvest Physiology and Technology of Horticultural Crops
Horticultural Crops I (Pomology)
Horticultural Crops II (Vegetable Science)
Horticultural Crops III (Ornamental Plants)
Landscape Architecture
Tropical Agriculture
Tropical Plant Resources
Environmental Conservation in Agriculture
Rhizospheric Soil Science
Agricultural Meteorology
Experiments of Analytical Chemistry
Experiments of Plant Science I , II, III and IV
Applied Training in Agriculture Production
Animal Science
Molecular Life Science
Animal Morphology
Animal Functional Anatomy
Animal Physiology
Science of Livestock Production
Animal Hygienic
Comparative Neurology
Reproductive Biology
Applied Reproductive Technology
Animal Reproductive Science
Animal Genetics
Animal Breeding
Animal Genetic Resources
Nutritional Biochemistry
Animal Nutrition
Regulation of Animal Function and Metabolism
Experimental Animal
Livestock Farm Management
Cattle Feeding
Swine and Poultry Feeding
Experiment of Animal Reproduction
Experiment of Animal Breeding
Training of Experiments for Nutrition
Practice in Livestock Production
Applied Training in Agricultural Production
Applied Biology
Molecular Life Science
Phytopathology I & II
Phytopathogenic Prokaryotes
Plant Virology
Biological Engineering
Plant Breeding Science
Plant Genetic Resources
Crop Improvement
Plant Cell and Tissue Culture
Crop Reproduction
Applied Entomology
Insect Technology
Applied Zoology
Technology of Pest Control
Insect Physiology
Insect Cell Technology
Special lectures on Applied Biology
Experiment of Applied Biology
Experiment of Plant Protection
Experiment of Biological Engineering
Applied Training in Agricultural Production
Applied Biochemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Molecular Life Science
Organic Chemistry
Inorganic Biochemistry
Food Chemistry
Food Biochemistry
Regulation of Cell Function
Bioorganic Chemistry
Applied Microbiology
Chemistry of Polymeric Materials
Polymer Material Science
Wood Industrial Chemistry
Food Hygiene
Protein Engineering
Special Lectures on Applied Biochemistry
Experiments in Applied Biochemistry