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Faculty of Agriculture

Department of Bioproductive Science

Division of Applied Biochemistry


Our mission and goals

The mission of the Division of Applied Biochemistry is to provide students with advanced education and research training in bioscience and biotechnology with the aim of maximizing the potential of our biological resources.

We aim to understand microorganisms, plants and animals at the molecular level, and to apply this knowledge to develop new technologies to utilize biological resources in novel ways in industry. Our ultimate goal is to produce advanced bioactive materials and food derivatives that promise us better lives in the future. Through the biochemical research-training program, students will learn to become the next generation of biochemical researchers. In the final year of their training, students will have the opportunity to promote their understanding and creative experimental skills in their specialty through seminars and their own research projects.

Highly motivated students who have the ambition to extend their research are welcomed to the Masters Programs in the Graduate School of Agriculture, Utsunomiya University, and then to the Doctoral Programs in The United Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.

Laboratory of Applied Biochemistry
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