since 1922


Faculty of Agriculture

Department of Bioproductive Science

Division of Applied Biology

Plant Breeding

Parental plants: (A) Diplotaxis tenuifolia, (B) Raphanus satives cv. '4-season leaf', and novel progenies: (C) amphidiploid, (D and E) sesquidiploid, (F-I) D. tenuifolia monosomic addition lines of R. sativus.

We are exploring the potential for distant hybridization in the genetics and plant breeding of Cruciferae, including radish, chinese cabbage, turnip, cole and their wild allies. We provide novel hybrid progenies, such as synthetic amphidiploid line, alien gene(s) introgression line, alloplasmic line, monosomic addition line and monosomic substitution line. Our research currently focuses on the production of cytoplasmic male sterility line and clubroot resistant line, and using a character for low photorespiration to improve the crop production.