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Forest Sciences

Department of Forest Science

To build a good foundation based on the sustainable relationships between human society and forest resources

Our mission is to foster a practical expert involved in the forestry and forest industry thorough exploring the utilization of forest resources, and to contribute the sustainable development of human society.
In order to achieve both environmental conservation and forestry production, the forest science program is designed to provide integrated approach of natural science and social science. Therefore, the defining characteristic of this program is to cover broad scientific area ranging from the physical, chemical, engineering, biological, and social science of forest. And the curriculum is configured to be linked systematically to the educational and research area consisting of forest ecology and silviculture, forest engineering, erosion control engineering, forest planning and metrology, forest policy studies, the use of forest resources science, wood material science.
By systematically learning broad coverage of forest science, graduates of this program are expected to be a professional engineer with knowledge and practical techniques of forest resource management, and contribute the sustainable development of human society.

Afforestation practice at Utsunomiya University forest in Funyu Farm research trainingExtraction experiments of DNA from leaf


Certificates and licenses for the graduates

  • Associate Professional Engineer (The Institute of Professional Engineers, Japan)
  • Assistant Serveyor (Geospatial Information Authority of Japan)
  • Associate arborist (Japan Greenery Research and Development center)
  • Operations chief of forestry cableway
  • High School Teacher’s Primary License (Agriculture) (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)


Curriculum (excerpted)

  Lecture Experiments and practices
First & Second-year [Compulsory specialized fundamental subjects]
·Introduction to agronomy and environmental science
·Introduction to natural resources science
·Introduction to forest science Ⅰ, Ⅱ
·Forest surveying Ⅰ, Ⅱ
·Forest fundamental biology
·Forest fundamental chemistry
·Agricultural core training
·Dendrology experiment and practicum
Second & Third-year [Specialized subjects]
·Forest ecology
·Forest resources utilization
·Erosion control engineering
·Forest mechanical engineering
·Forest civil engineering
·Forest metrology
·Forest environmental conservation
·Timber cytoarchtecture science
·Forest biotechnology
·Timber cytoarchtecture science
·Forest policy
·Forest surveying practicum
·Forest metrology practicum
·Forest civil engineering practicum
·Experiment of process of forest production
·Forest resources utilization practicum
·Forest policy training
·Forest conservation practicum
Forth-year ·Graduation Thesis ·Comprehensive forest science practicum