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Agricultural Economics

For creating comfortable society and sustainable development

Our department treats economical and social topics of food, agricultural production, and rural communities. We provide the place where the students can study and research about the topics from the theories of economics, business science, sociology, history, and policy studies. Looking at the topic from many different points of view, you can say "I understand the overall picture about the topic". That is what we expect you to learn in our department. Our department deals with wide range of topics on agriculture from production, processing, distribution system, international trade, food consumption analysis, food and agricultural policy making by local and central government, environmental problems, local community issues, and historical topics. Developing the spirits of "Self-Motivated Learning", Our department fosters students who want to acquire skills to contribute something positive to our society in a wide range of fields.

Tutorial class Farm research training

The course curriculum(compulsory subject)

  Lectures Training, Field exercise
For the first year students ·Introduction to Agricultural Economics
·Introduction to Marxian Economics
·Business administration
·Agricultural core training
For the second year students ·Macroeconomics
·Farm Management
·Agricultural Economics
·Japanese economic history
·Management Science
·Regional Sociology
·Agricultural Statistics
·Basic Seminar of Agricultural Economics
For the third year students ·Agricultural history
·Farm Planning
·Agricultural policy
·Food system
·Seminar of applied agricultural economics
·financial science
·Exercise of agricultural economic analysis
For the fourth year students Graduation Thesis