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Environmental Engineering

To create agricultural systems in harmony with the environment.
To design graceful rural scenery in grace and favor of nature.

Learn about how the natural environment contributes to sustainability in our daily lives.
The Department of Environmental Engineering fosters the development of future international professionals by providing students with a quality agricultural science and engineering education that challenges their full potential. Our educational program has been accredited by the Japan Accreditation Board of Engineering Education (JABEE; http://www.jabee.org/english/) since 2003, and all bachelor degrees are accompanied by an Associated Professional Engineer certificate.
The educational programs provided by this department have ranked second among all Japanese universities in the field of agricultural engineering education (Kawaijuku, 2003). We strive to impart knowledge and practical education to anyone who is motivated to become a qualified engineer or scientist competent in dealing with any field of study related to agricultural engineering, such as agricultural facility management, environmental quality, sustainable bioproduction, or recyclable energy resources.

Monitoring of river water quality concerning with the managements of river basin environment in Java island, Indonesia. The simulator to assess the generation and the consumption of recycable energy by using the "Field Server (an automatic monitoring and data logging system in a field)".


Certificates and licenses for the graduates

  • Associate Professional Engineer (The Institute of Professional Engineers, Japan)
  • Assistant Serveyor (Geospatial Information Authority of Japan)
  • High School Teacher's Primary License (Agriculture) (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)
  • Biotope Planners and Builders (Ecosystem Conservation Society-Japan)


Curriculum (excerpted)

  Lectures Experiment and practices
[Compulsory subjects]
·Introduction to agronomy and environmental science
·Introduction to natural resources science
·Computer data processing
·Environmental engineering Seminar
·Applied mathematics
·Fluid mechanics
·Basic physics
·System engineering
·Thermodynamics & heat transfer
·Ecological engineering for rural area, and others

[Specialized subjects]
·Rural planning
·Water Resources Development Engineering
·Automatic Control Engineering
·Farm Machinery
·Soil physics, and others
·Agricultural core training
Junior [Specialized subjects]
·Environmental Assessment
·Agricultural System and Energy Utilization
·Fundamentals of Environmental Biophysics
·Resource conservation and recycling
·Engineering Ethics
·Agricultural Land Engineering
·Biological Wastes Management
·Bioproduction Systems Engineering
·Water Quality Engineering
·Rice's Posthavest Technology
·Surveying Exercise
·Environmental Engineering Experiment for Bioproduction Machinery (Part 1, 2)
·Labo-exercise of Soil Physics and Soil Mechanics
·Labo-exercise of Hydraulics and Water Quality
Graduation Thesis


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