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Applied Biological Chemistry

Applied biological chemistry for practical applications in life science

The Department of Applied Biological Chemistry provides educational programs on life sciences with a focus on the flow of chemical compounds.
The Applied Biological Chemistry program includes required courses in general, organic, and biological chemistry as well as microbiology and food chemistry. Importantly, all programs are designed to provide students with a broad education in the field of agricultural sciences.
The program also requires the completion of courses involving chemical and biological experiments. Through the coursework, students will gain the ability to solve complex issues related to life, food, and the environment.

Classroom experiment for graduation thesis

Certificates and licenses for the graduates

  • Science teaching license in senior high school
  • Food sanitation inspector and supervisor

Curriculum (excerpted)

  Lectures Experiment and practices
First-year ·First year seminar
·Basic Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences
·Basic inorganic chemistry
·Basic organic chemistry
·Analytical chemistry
·Agricultural core training
·Exercise of basic chemistry I
Second-year ·Molecular life science I, II
·Food chemistry
·Biological chemistry I, II
·Organic chemistry I, II
·Chemistry and life
·Experiments of basic chemistry I, II
·Exercise of basic chemistry II
Third-year ·Food immunology
·Natural products chemistry
·Microbial engineering
·Chemistry of Polymeric Materials
·Experiments of Applied Biological Chemistry I, II
Fourth-year Graduation thesis

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