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Agrobiology and Bioresources

We renewed the department since April 2013.

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We aim sustainable management of biological resources and production.

Our aim is to produce future professionals who work towards the sustainable production and management of biological resources.

Our department deals with practical approaches to sustainable food production as well as the development of technologies to improve local farms. Our research field covers a broad range of bioresources, from the molecular level to individual organisms, with a firm foundation in biology and chemistry. We offer opportunities to study the mechanisms of animals, plants, insects and microbes to enable the development of new technologies for sustainable, ecology-oriented management of bioresources from logical and practical aspects.
Our coursework is not limited to lectures; we offer practical courses both in the laboratory setting and in the field to train specialists with analytical and information processing skills, creativity and a broad range of knowledge.

Recombinant DNA practical course Classes at Media Network Center graduation works


Overview of Department of Agrobiology and Bioresources

Overview of Department of Agrobiology and Bioresources (PDF file )


Introduction of laboratories

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